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Digital Modes Club(DMC) is for all licensed HAM operators and SWL's who likes the digital modes.
It's free lifetime membership.

If you are active or just would like to start on the DIGITAL MODES like: RTTY,PSK31,MFSK16,MT63,TOR,AMTOR,PACTOR,PACTOR II,

You have made the Right Choice!
Here you can meet another people with a similar interests , to share your experience, to help those who just start ussing these modes and to find good friends between the HAM operators wich is still the most important in our hobby!

The Digital Modes Club started on the end of 2006 and was created by LZ3HI and LB9JE.
We deceide to create this club as we have very good friendship (we can say we are family friends ) comes from our hobby and because all of us like the DIGI MODES.So we really hope this club will help you finding very good friends between the HAM Amateurs with the same interests as yours and we hope you will be kind to share your experience with the beginers or just to make fun.We have some awards as it's will be interesting for both of us and we are prepearing the first DMC Contest 2007.

We are happy that the group is growing very quickly and there are members from many countries.That's meen the people really like these modes and they are active on the air.

It's recommended to give your DMC# durring your QSO's as may be the other operators are collecting DMC numbers for awards and they can check in our web site for information about you like :
address, e-mail, Skype, MSN, ICQ ...etc.
That's all we need...

So you can join us for free.
You will receive your lifetime DMC Number and digital certificate to your
e-mail address


1.E-mail us the following information:

Skype, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Your photo and web site
(if you wish to be published)

2.You will receive confirmation with your lifetime DMC# and digital certificate
ENJOY the club and make a fun !

You can subscribe to our mailing list and to receive the e-mails of our members.
For DMC members only! If you are not member yet please join us first.

For DMC members only.First e-mail us your details and than you can subscribe yourself of the Google groups mailing list!
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