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Rules 2007

1.Date and time

Start: 12:00 GMT -Saturday 21 July 2007
End: 12:00 GMT -Sunday 22 July 2007
(3-th weekend of July)




*SOAB-LP(Single operator, all bands, low power). Maximum power 100 watts.
Only one signal is allowed on any one time.SOAB-LP operators may change the band in any time. SOAB-LP operators should perform all of the operating, logging and spotting functions.
*SOAB-HP(Single operator, all bands, high power). No output power limit on all bands. Only one signal is allowed on any one time. SOAB-HP operators should perform all of the operating, logging and spotting functions.
*MOABST-HP(Multi operators, all bands, single transmiter, high power). No output power limit on all bands. Only one transmiter and one signal on the band is allowed on any one time. MOABST-HP operators may change the band once in
any 5 minute period.


80 meters band (3.5 MHz)
40 meters band (7 MHz)
20 meters band (14 MHz)
15 meters band (21 MHz)
10 meters band (28 MHz)


Signal report + serial number, starting 001
(Example: 599 001)

5.QSO points:

Each completed QSO scores 1 (one) point.


1. All DXCC countries and JA, W, VE, and VK areas count as multiplier.
2. Continents.

*Multipliers and continents count only once in the contest regardless of band


QSO points x Continents (max.6) x Multipliers = TOTAL SCORE

8.Log instructions:

1) Logs must be submited in CABRILO format by e-mail to:



2) All logs must be received by 22 August 2007
3) All time must be in GMT
4) Logs must be sent as an attachment file
-The subject line of your e-mail must include your callsign and categorie
(Example: WA2XXX - SOAB-HP)
4) Your log can be sent by post to:
DMC Contest Commitee
P.O.Box 8
6000 Stara Zagora
-Please send us a compatible PCI computer disc containing your cabrillo file.Don't forget to label the disc with your callsign and your cattegory.
5) All logs received after 22 August 2007 will be accepted as "CHECK LOG"
6) All discs received via post must be claimed no later than 22 August 2007.

9. Discqualification:

1) Violation of the rules; unsportmanlike behavior.
2) Actions and decisions of the DMC Contest Committee are oficial and final.

10. Awards:

Throphies will be awarded to category winners
Certificates will be awarded top 5 (five) stations in each category
Additional prizes:
-1000 full color QSL cards (personal designed) will be awarded to the winners in each category, sponsored by Gold Print Service
! If you are interesting in sponsoring special contest thropy for DMC RTTY CONTEST please contact us by email: dmc@digital-modes-club.org
Your logo and advertisement will be placed in our web site and also a logo will be placed on the QSL cards of the category winners.


* Any contestant may claim DMC awards from contacts made durring the contest.
More details for our awards can be found on the official web site of
Digital Modes Club http://www.digital-modes-club.org

11. Contact information:

Address: DMC Contest Committe
P.O.Box 8
6000 Stara Zagora

E-mail: dmc@digital-modes-club.org
Web site: http://www.digital-modes-club.org


Good luck in the contest!






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