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Welcome our last 5 new Members:
07277 = VE2ZA,07276 = SP4JEU,07274 = VA2RC,07273 = SQ9IWA,07272 = K2RNO,

News:  - 2014-08-10 over 208.000 awards
              - 2014-07-21: Win 8.x users should try an alternate
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Welcome to DMC Homepage


Digital Modes Club (DMC)

is for all licensed HAM operators and SWL's who like digital modes. 

It has free lifetime membership

New on DMC ? - Please read the FAQ... on top of  Page! 

If you are active or just would like to start on the DIGITAL MODES like: RTTY, PSK31, MFSK16, MT63, TOR, AMTOR, PACTOR, PACTOR II, PACTOR III, G-TOR, CLOVER,HF PACKET, HELLSCHREIBER, THROB etc. you made the Right Choice!

Since 2011-06-17 the DMC is include in UltimateAAC program. Many thanks to Heinz, DK5UR, for make this big work.

(see Award Rules)

Also thanks to John, OE3JPK  (30MDG),  for the permission to use his US-States file for WAS check.

We have actual 0-2 days delay to give the Awards.

For any questions please feel free to write us. Please use the "Contact" - Administrator

For Problems with Awards, Page Login and Membership pse
at this time Mail to DF9AL via Contacts !
 If YOU can make some little translations to other languages to help other/new members, pse contact us.

Dear friends,
We are happy to introduce our new web site, exactly different view than before. As you can see this web site is much much better than the old one , giving you much more options and possibilities.
This is the first running on our new web site and we know there are many missinig links and details. We are working over updating the web and we hope very soon everything to be on the right way! At this case we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and we will be much appreciated for any comments/ideas what we can add as helpful for you.
And not on a final I would like to say THANK YOU Andreas - DF9AL for the hard job you are doing to keep the web site alive!
73 de LZ3HI-Emil DMC#001 President DMC Club


Also a big -Thank you- to Piotr, SP6QKP , for start translating the SP;
to Joop, PD0RKA, for the PA  pages
, and to François, VA2UT, for translations to Frech.....


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