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PG7V Contestcalendar (dutch)

Russian WW Digital Contest

...via email:

from: Yuri Mirolyubov, RK3DSW

Dear Fellow Radio Amateurs,

Russian Digital Radio Club invites you:

1 - 2 October - BPSK63, RTTY

Russian WW Digital Contest :

3 - 4 November - OLIVIA 4-250, THROBX 2, MFSK 4 Digital Activity Days "Planet DIGIRADIO" :

We have made many prizes and certificates for all participants.

Prizes gallery:

We wish you great success and enjoyable participation in our contests and activity days!

73! de RDRC

BDM RTTY WW Contest 2017
...via email:
Hi YL, XYL, OM to BDM Club
this e-mail for info to 5 RTTY contest BDMClub
info here
pse share info with your radio friends :)
or info via
73 de Laurent ON2VHF
PS: for info new digital mode in on air SIM 31 info
...part from info link, hit to show the complete rules:
Start at 12:00:00 UTC on January 21, ending 11:59:59 UTC on January 22 2017. Bands: 10 / 15 /20 / 40 / 80 meters, no WARC bands. Mode: RTTY, 45 Baud, one contact with same station on each band is permitted.


If you have informations about digital contests, pse to Emil, LZ3HI, or DF9AL via Contacts.



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