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 for download the Attachments use right mouse button to save... ; see Date on Attachments for last update

 The HamOffice special-file has add. info after Member-Nr.
   example: BD2IMS;1375yc  (y=YL, c=Club, t=Contest, e=Event, s=Special, x=expired)
   You can sort the export-file by this letters (as case sensitive search)

 Logger32: You can use the CheckCall program by 
JA1NLX  - download here  .
   Rename the HamOffice-file from .csv to .txt and use it, you can copy the info to remarks-field....
           !no Support on DMC for this program, we do not use it!

 DMC.zip: DBF-member-list. Updates every 2-3 weeks only, but you can easy add new members inside Ham-Log, or wait ;-)  .

Ham-Log is an "complete" Logbook, no digital QSO's from inside the program. Available in german and english.
   This logbook is now free with limited support. PSE see functions-list on www.hamlog.de ; also english pages.
   (On this place: Thanks to Arthur, DJ6LS, for his work on this program for many years. de DF9AL)

  For more Membership lists see ->

  If anybody has info about other ways to check the DMC-Member, pse send email to DF9AL (see Contact)

  Get an hint for some Adif programs , little helpful tools like converter and filter, made by Marek, SP7DQR

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DMC_HO_spec.csvspecial Memberlist for ARcomm Ham Office (Call Background Data) - see above40 Kb13/06/10 20:08
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