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Welcome to DMC-Homepage


Hi all,

We just would like to inform you that this new view of our web site is in working progress and as soon as possible when all is ready we will inform you about that.

At this case we will be much appreciated to DO NOT MAKE ANY REGISTRATIONS until the web site is ready.

For any questions please fel free to write us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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DF9AL: Some words to new page.
After i'm on DMC-Team i think, if more People works with htm-pages is not easy to do this. If more as one make a change at the same time, you lost some content after saving. I set up the Joomla and now should be much easyer to edit. These are my 1st steps with an CMS-System and will working on step by step. Pse feel free, if you found wrong words on this engl. pages, to write me a mail about that. I can better write in german, but most of you can't read this ...  ;-)    


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