Short FAQ about Membership and Page

1. If you want to be an DMC-Member, please go to "Registrations - for DMC membership" on Top.
   You get an copy from this form via your given email-address.
   After this pse give us some time for make and send the membership Number and certificate.

2. For Login on Page pse go to "Registrations - for award download".
   Please notice the info on Login form :" Username(Loginname) = Callsign " !!
   You will get also an mail and must follow the link in that mail to confirm your mail address.
   Then you can Login.This is needed for download the Awards from User Menu!!
   If you see a blank award download page, you have to activate JavaScript.
3. As you see, the Membership and Page Login are two different things.
4. On that all: we make this beside our regular work and our familys.