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SWL-Member Numbers: 1st SWL-Numbers are set to 00xxSWL on Certificate. After create the Member Database it was better to handle as SWL00xx. You can use the old or new variant on your qsl-Cards or in WWW like you want. Both count for the Awards. Also the DMC* .. or DMC# .. or only DMC: .. makes no difference.

   Download Member-files:    DMC_HO.csv   DMC_HO_spec.csv 

    for download the files use right mouse button to save... 


   DMC_HO_spec.csv: BD2IMS;1375yc  (y=YL, c=Club, t=Contest, e=Event, p=Special, x=expired)
   DMC_HO.csv only with Callsign;number.

  This .csv also for Hamoffice; i have cut the HamDiplom filter, since the UltimateAAC is out i think nobody needs it.

 Logger32: You can use the CheckCall program by 
JA1NLX  - download here  .

   Rename the HamOffice-file from .csv to .txt and use it, you can copy the info to remarks-field....
           !no Support on DMC for this program, we do not use it!

  Get an hint for some Adif programs , little helpful tools like converter and filter, made by Marek, SP7DQR